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Here’s What You Get When You Invest:
  • Professionally Finished Videos Using Instructional Media
  • Industry leading business video delivery platform
  • 7 Custom branded web pages with Social Sharing Integration
  • "Copy and Paste" Email campaign with pre-merged links, embedded images, and merged signatures.  You can put this into virtually any email platform.
  • Implementation training videos for you or your team based on others' best practices...
  • Proven & Turnkey solution to increasing "Raving Fan Service" by creating alignment with you customers
  • Show up BIG in 2015...
30 Day-100% Money Back Guarantee
If you feel for any reason, that we aren’t offering enough in value relative to your investment, just call and I’ll personally refund your money…
Is this campaign compliant?
So far the videos, the pages, and the emails have passed compliance at every bank with very little to slight modification.  Of course, feel free to have your department review the sample page here.
Will updated videos be available to me?
During our beta phase we did receive a few suggestions/requests about information that changes state to state.  As needed, we may create updated videos specific to certain regions.  If your region is conducive to different specifics, and we change the video, you will receive the update free.
When will hosting charges begin to apply?
While we would love to offer this campaign for a one time fee, the cost of hosting videos, Content Delivery Networks, High Speed Web Hosting, and free design changes and regular network maintenance has it's cost as time continues and your borrowers consume the content.  Therefore, we ask your help in covering this cost after you have used the campaign for a year.  For every campaign you have in place (single and co-branded) after your first year of service, there will be a $4/month charge.
My bank uses a custom CRM, can I use this campaign?
Yes, because the emails are copy and paste templates, you can either request your IT department to integrate them for you.  OR, you can use templates in Gmail or Outlook and send them in a matter of seconds.  Still much faster than explaining the same concept over multiple calls :)
How much will it cost if I need to make changes to the information on my pages?
Nothing!  Your investment covers your first year's hosting charges, which includes page and video updates.  Just contact with any change requests at any time. @ 2014 - 7 Steps To Funded